Pradyumna Krishna

Software DeveloperTech enthusiast

I build innovative solutions to real-world problems with the help of technology.

Pradyumna Krishna

My Story

I'm Pradyumna Krishna, an experienced software developer, a tech enthusiast, and a hobbyist gamer. I apply Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, IoT, and other technologies into building scalable systems, web applications and automation tools. As a tech enthusiast, I'm passionate about learning new technologies and exploring them. I am an active open-source contributor, and in my free time I contribute to open-source projects and build new projects.


Currently, I am a post graudate student, a CNCF Ambassador, and an open-source contributor. I provide guidance and mentorship to students and developers, helping them join open-source communities and becoming a better developer.


In 2022, I contributed towards in-toto, an open source project that comes under the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), as a Google Summer of Code contributor. read more

In early 2021, I was working as a Software Developer Intern for Vityasa. We had a great team of developers who work on building new features and products for their customers.


I usually work on projects in my free time. I develop them and host their code on my GitHub, some of the projects are hosted or deployed using cloud providers to try them. Here are some of the projects that are actively developed and maintained.

Enigma Protocol

An end to end encrypted messenger using Flask, Websockets, and Vue.js

Colab Hacks

Simple Hacks for Google Colaboratory to boost your productivity and help you to perform daily tasks.

Face Authentication

Face Authentication is an API uses Azure Cognitive Services to identify or verify same persons. The underlying API is built with FastAPI.

Facial AI

A very simple Flask app that detects how many (if any) faces are there and their respective emotions in the picture. It uses a trained TensorFlow model FER to predict emotions.